How can our Business help?

The mission of the AYJ Fund is to bring smiles to kids with cancer, keep them connected to friends and school through technology and to support the research of GliomatosisCerebri and other brain cancers to find a cure.

Spirit Day
Pick a theme, wear jeans day, funny hat day, dress like the boss day, silly socks and shoes day, favorite sports day, or mix and match day. Staff each donate to participate. Make your customers aware of the AYJ Fund and invite them to participate too!

Be a part of the green team and help the AYJ Fund. Gather electronics' and cell phones, spread the word and designate a drop off point for the electronics. Educate those who are dropping off items on the AYJ mission and ask for a donation.

Social Media
Is your business on Facebook or do you have a Twitter account? Share information on your social media sites to spread the word and encourage support of the importance of supporting pediatric cancer research and kids with cancer through the AYJ Fund.

Share You and Your Staff's Talentsand SELL
Have a specialty item that you want to put to good use? Or have an item that you would be willing to donate a percent of its sale?  Put your creative juices and talents to work and design an item that will raise money for AYJ. Contact AYJ Fund with your idea.

Sponsor a Music or Art Show
Nothing brings people together more than their love of music and art. Berkshire County has an abundance of artists who love their craft and support many causes. Bring together a group of musician's or artists at a local venue, promote the event and have a good time!

Fashion Show
Forget New York fashion week, Berkshire County fashion is where it's at.  Whether it's vintage clothing or a new design, Berkshire County artists will be sure to please localfashionista's. Attract a crowd by using local models and celebrities and auction off the outfits on the runway. Picture your business on the runway and promote the AYJ mission.

Food Event
Chocolate and wine anyone? A great way to attract new business and support the AYJ Fund mission of smiles…connections…cures. All types of food could be utilized. Use guest waiters and bartenders for a night, their tips go to the AYJ fund. What about a friendly cooking competition to see who has the best chili in North County? A local chef could raffle off  a specially prepared dinner.

Your workplace could sponsor a silent auction of items. And there is always the Great Date auction. Local singles get together and bid on a date. Raffle off a service that your company provides. Get a group of professionals (i.e. plumber, carpenter, electrician, landscaper) together that can offer several hours of home improvement.

Gala or Theme Party
Whether it's aValentine's Day party, Halloween party, a Gala or a small party to bring awareness to childhood cancers, a theme party or gala is a compact way to raise funds for the AYJ Fund. Gather a planning committee and assign tasks, secure a venue, advertise the event, have FUN! Add a 50/50 raffle or auction.

Classic Car Tour or Motorcycle Run
Miles for smiles…connections….cures; this event ends in a gathering with music and food. T-shirts can be sold to promote and sponsor the event, as well as bring exposure to AYJ Fund's mission. Make sure your organization is the first to sponsor this event!

Sports Tournament or Exercise Event
Road Race, Zumba marathon, swimming laps, or playing golf. Organize a sporting event that participants pay a fee to enter and then gather pledges from their supports. A pledge could be a certain dollar amount for how many laps swam, miles run, minutes exercising.

Support an Event as You Create Your Own
Become a sponsor for an existing AYJ Fund event, or donate a gift certificate to your business. Items can be used to raise more funds and help kids with cancer, while helping market your business in a positive, community focused way. Partner with another business and double your impact!

No matter what you do, the AYJ Fund is here to support your efforts in raising funds for smiles…connections….cures! Contact us today to chat about your fund raising idea or for more information and support.