How can our Family help?

The mission of the AYJ Fund is to bring smiles to kids with cancer, keep them connected to friends and school through technology and to support the research of GliomatosisCerebri and other brain cancers to find a cure.

If you would like to join us in this fight, here are some suggestions on what you and your family could do to raise funds to build smiles…connections…cures!

Invite your friends and family to come together to support the AYJ Fund. Plan a family barbeque, a cocktail party or a pot luck dinner. Ask your guests to donate a small monetary gift, or collect items that can be used in the smiles initiative. Invite Kathy or Joe to attend and share information about the AYJ Fund.

Friends asking Friends
Word of mouth is powerful and we have social media tools to back us up. Write a letter to friends and family asking them to support the AYJ Fund mission. It can be as simple as a letter or, email to friends and colleagues or set a goal and start a social media campaign. Let them know why you have become involved and about the mission of the AYJ Fund.

Garage or Yard Sale
Have you looked in your attic or cellar lately? Do you have a spare room cluttered with sports equipment, videos, games, clothes, shoes and other items? Raising money through a garage or yard sale will help you lose the clutter and support AYJ. Make sure to advertise your raising money for the AYJ Fund and we will provide you with information about the AYJ Fund to hand out to your customers. You can always add a bake sale to earn extra donations!

Special Days and Holidays
Add the AYJ Fund to your Christmas List, know someone who has everything they need - invite family and friends to give gifts in you name to the AYJ Fund. This is a great option for kids for part or all of their birthday or other gifts. Pick a special day to you or the AYJ Fund (Valentine's Dayor  April 9th Anna's Birthday), to collect items to help kids who are facing cancer treatment on that special day. Or check out a current AYJ Fund project and make it even more successful!

Backyard Carnival
Popcorn, strategy games, cotton candy, fortune tellers, snow cones, carnival rides, funnel cakes…carnival and fairs are part of our culture here in New England. Holding a backyard carnival is a unique way to support the mission of AYJ. Plan out activities and food, gather friends and family, assign asks and plan your carnival. Promote your carnival through social media, press releases and other free avenues of advertising. Contact AYJ for help promoting your Backyard Carnival.

Board or Card Game Tournament
UNO anyone? How about a game of scrabble? Here is a fun activity that you can do any time of the year. Reserve a comfy place with plenty of room to spread out and have players come and enjoy their favorite board or card game for a specified amount of time (i.e. six hours at the American Legion). Players can learn a new game or challenge themselves against seasoned veterans. Have players donate a specified amount, run a bake sale and even a 50/50 raffle.

Car Wash
Gather a group of friends and family, make some colorful signs, secure a location and start washing cars! AYJ Fund will provide information on its mission to those who attend the car wash.

Bake Sale
Cookies, pies, cupcakes, breads, whoopee pies! The list of items you can sell at a bake sale is endless. Gather friends and family for a night of baking, check out local attractions in the area such as local sports teams, public gatherings, grocery stores or college events. Get permission and put your bake sale together. AYJ Fund will provide information on its mission to customers!

Create an item and SELL
Have a hidden talent or creative outlet that you want to put to good use? Do you make key chains, jewelry, knit or sew, woodwork or clay work?   Put your creative juices to work and design an item that will raise money for AYJ Fund. Contact AYJ Fund with your idea.

No matter what you do, the AYJ Fund is here to support your efforts in raising funds for smiles…connections….cures! Contact us today to chat about your fund raising idea or for more information and support.