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Teens with Cancer

Sometimes it is hard to be a teenager. It is even harder when you have cancer.
The good news is that there are lots of resources available to help.
Some days you may feel like there is no one else who understands what you are going through.  There are. Many other kids with cancer have the same feelings you do. It may help to check some of these sites to see what others have to say:

Good Times and Bald Times - search on You Tube
This is a series of You Tube Videos created by teens with cancer receiving treatment through Seattle Children's Hospital. There are at least 12 videos of kids telling their stories. Definitely worth watching!

Teens Living With Cancer
This site talks about friends and how your friends probably feel. When you're a teen, your friends are really, really important. Now that you're sick, even your very best friends might not know what to do or say. Some of your friends might not stick around but your true friends will be there for you no matter what. In this section, friends get a chance to say what it's like for them

Stupid Cancer
A site for teens and young adults, ages 15 to 39. Today, Stupid Cancer is the largest support organization in the United States for the young adult cancer movement, with a global following and hundreds of thousands of friends, fans, readers, listeners and members. The Stupid Cancer Show is a weekly live show which can be listened to on iHeart Radio, downloaded from iTunes. Previous shows are also recorded on the web page.

A site for non medical stuff - from skin and hair to fitness and friends.

I'm Too Young for This
I'm Too Young for This Cancer Foundation, is a survivor-led advocacy, support and research organization for people under 40. It includes a collection of resources which includes information on scholarships, retreats and online forums.

Starbright Worlld
Starbright World is an online support network for teens with chronic and life threatening illnesses and their siblings. Teens can connect via bulletin boards, chat rooms and blogs.

CanTeen is a national support organization for young people (ages 12-24) living with cancer in Australia. Canteen offers educational programs, support programs and more.

My Music Rx is the online extension of the Children's Cancer Association's original in-hospital program. On any given day, 24/7, MyMusicRx enables ill kids and teens - anywhere in the U.S. and Canada - to play and download free music games, explore digital instruments, record original music, watch exclusive video greetings from their favorite artists, and connect with other youth.

This site has an extensive list of resources for teens. Cancer.Net is information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology