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A beautiful photo shoot for Princess Finley
Gaming GO Karts donated to the Jimmy Fund Clinic


This year we have provided:

  •  A Go Kart for a boy who was having trouble walking but loved to ride!

  • Boat rental gift certificate to a teen who loves to fish.

  •  Over 100 craft kits to the Jimmy Fund Clinic.

  •  A hotel stay and visit to the American Dream amusement space, LEGOLAND and Aquarium with private tour for a 10 year old with terminal brain cancer.

  •  Backyard toys to a 2 year old who won’t be able to be with other children to reduce the risk of infection.

  • 3 Video Gaming Go Karts for the Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber Boston,  arriving this month from Gamers Outreach. These units will help keep kids entertained during day long testing and treatment. 



The AYJ Fund joined  International GC Foundations: Izas, la princesa guisante; Franck un rayon de soleil; Mathy's un rayon de soleil; and Nina un rayon de soleil in funding an international research project.  Together we have awarded 300,000 euros over three years to fund a research project, "Targeting Cellular Activity in Gliomatosis Cerebri"

+ INFO: 

Lead researcher Chris Jones of the UK joined Mariella Filbin of Dana-Farber, Mara Vinci of Rome, Italy and David Castel of France in studying the genetic makeup of single tumor cells and how they interact with normal brain cells. The goal is to understand why these tumor cells grow in the way they do and invade the normal brain.


Chris Jones PhD, London                Mariella Filbin MD, Boston


Maria Vinci MD, Rome                        David Castel, Paris


The fund is dedicated to Anna Yan Ji Arabia who bravely lived with Gliomatosis Cerebri for three and a half years, was treated with the best medical care available at the Jimmy Fund Clinic at Dana Farber, and became an angel at 16 years old on Valentines Day 2013, filled with love and grace.

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